Become a Renewable Energy Engineer!

2023 - 2024

Our Re-Energy Challenge is a fun and engaging science activity where learners have the opportunity to build a working model of a solar oven, a solar car, a wind turbine, a hydroelectric generator, a ­­biogas generator, an electric vehicle or an energy storage system—so they can see firsthand how applied science is helping create a more sustainable future. 

Age Range
Grade 4-12

Time Commitment
10-20 hours

Science (Engineering)

Challenge Instructions
1. Download and review the Re-Energy Challenge Package, which contains detailed challenge instructions, selection criteria, and final reflection questions. Once you have reviewed the package, register your learners below for the 2023/24 challenge! The deadline to register and submit is May 3rd, 2024.
Please use the links below to access the 2024 Challenge Package.
2. Choose the renewable energy technology that you want to build a working model of. You may want to use our free Re-Energy Program Resources to help your learning. Click on the model that you want to build below to access the construction plan:     
Electric Vehicle
      b. Penny Battery
      c. Flywheel Model
      d. Solar Oven     
      e. Solar Car
Wind Turbine
      g. Hydro Generator
      h. Biogas Generator

Or design your own! The above construction plans are just the beginning of the possibilities for your Re-Energy model, and we encourage you to come up with your own designs for the challenge.

3. Share a picture and/or video of your final renewable energy project and post it on your social media. Don’t forget to tag us @GreenLearning

4. Submit your challenge package and some pictures of your learners building their model for a chance to win!

The grand prize for the winning class is $1,000, the second prize is $500 and the third prize is $250!

Submissions will be reviewed by our panel of industry experts. The deadline to submit is May 3, 2024 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

*Participation in this challenge is only open for Canadian residents. Click here to review the challenge rules and regulations.