Take the Re-Energy Challenge

Re-Energy Challenge is a fun and engaging science activity where learners have the opportunity to build a working model of a solar oven, a wind turbine, a hydroelectric generator, a ­­biogas generator, an electric vehicle or an energy storage system—so they can see firsthand how applied science is helping create a more sustainable future. This is a perfect Challenge for students to do in a distance learning classroom, or families to do it together!

Materials Required:
Educator Resource
Build a Renewable Energy Model Activity Sheet
Renewable Energy Games

Challenge Instructions:
1. Introduce yourself to the concepts outlined in the Educator Resource, which feature quick videos and summaries of renewable energy technologies. 

2. Download the Build a Renewable Energy Model Activity Sheet to design and build your renewable energy model. Review the entire document and choose the renewable energy technology that you want to build a working model of. Then, click below on the model that you want to build to access the construction plan:
Electric Vehicle
      b. Penny Battery
      c. Flywheel Model
      d. Solar Oven
      e. Wind Turbine
      f.  Hydro Generator
      g. Biogas Generator

3. Share a picture and/or video of your final renewable energy project and post it on your social media. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ReEnergyEngineer and tag @GreenLearning

Register today for the challenge for a chance to win various prizes:1st place $1000, 2nd place $500 and 3rd place $250.

*Participation in this challenge is only open for Canadian residents.