Become a Renewable Energy Engineer


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In the Re-Energy program, learners of all ages learn about renewable energy, the different sources of renewable energy and explore the
co-benefits and trade-offs of using comparable renewable energy systems. In this engaging STEAM program, learners become renewable energy engineers by using detailed construction plans to build their own working models of electric vehicles, energy storage systems, solar ovens, solar cars, wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, and biogas generators. Learners can also make use of related links and backgrounders to explore each renewable energy technology in depth. Re-Energy is a proud recipient of the 2017 UL Innovation Education Award!
Renewable energy; renewable systems; renewable technologies; solar; solar oven; solar car; solar PV; wind; biogas; biomass; electric vehicles; electricity storage; batteries; biology; physics; chemistry; environmental conservation; sustainable development goals; sustainability; climate change; Canadian climate policy; climate action;
  1. Discover the fundamental principles of biology, chemistry and physics
  2. See the application of science and technology to some of today's most important environmental  issues
  3. Enjoy the challenge of building working models.

Take the Re-Energy Challenge

In this engaging STEAM challenge, learners will get to build one of the following: a wind turbine, solar oven, solar car, hydroelectric generator, ­biogas generator, electric vehicle or energy storage. This will help them deepen their learning about renewable energy technologies. The grand prize for the winning class is $1,000, the second prize is $500 and the third prize is $250. 
Registration for the 2021-2022 challenge is open.

Re-Energy Program Activities

Below are program activities grouped by topics. Feel free to do any of the resources on their own, or, bundle them together to take action and register for the Re-Energy Challenge.

Re-Energy Program Activity Quick Links

Solar Energy

Electric Vehicles

Wind Energy

Hydro Energy