2023 Eco 360 Challenge Showcase

Transitioning to a circular economy for plastic waste.

Thank you to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing the incredible projects students put together next year! 

People reached through students sharing their learning

Kg of plastic waste diverted with projects

Kg of potential plastic waste diverted per year with student plans implemented

Challenge Winners

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First Place: Mrs. Mathur - STEM Students

 Somerset Academy, Grade 4/5

Markham, Ontario

Somerset Academy students took on the Eco 360 challenge by creating 3 unique invention plans to help reduce the use of plastics and to keep plastics out of the environment. Students used 3D printing to create models of their inventions and presented their learnings and inventions to their entire school! 

Plastic Remaker

This device works by having a person insert waste plastic which is then melted and reformed into whatever item the user wants to make. 

Sea Net

The two ships pictured have a net strung between them. As these ships move through patches of garbage in the ocean, they remove the plastics from the surface to be sorted on board the ship.


The invention Plastacoin proposes that we shift our metal-based coins to plastic. This would lessen plastic waste as well as environmental impacts from mining.
Somerset students presented their learning to their classroom as well as to their school and families to share their learning! 
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Second Place: Ms. Monty - Eco Art Club

 New Central Public School, Grades 3-6

Oakville, Ontario

Students from New Central Public School spent months collecting 2,147 bottle caps to be used in a mural for their garden space at school. After months of collecting, students created and voted on designs for the mural which was to be made from the bottle caps. The mural pictured below was created by students and also provides water for insects visiting the garden space. 

Watch the video above to see the process of creating the mural by Ms. Monty's Eco Art Club at New Central Public School.
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Eco 360 In Action

Celebrating the many different ways learners and educators from across Canada were engaged in creating a circular economy for plastics through GreenLearning's Eco 360 Program

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Learners Participated in a Classroom Workshop or Event

Educators Participated in Professional Development

Student and Teacher Sessions Delivered 

Interactive, Virtual Learning

GreenLearning facilitated curriculum-connected classroom workshops that engaged and inspired students from across the world to think creatively about creating a circular economy for plastic waste. Click below to watch (or bookmark) an Eco 360 classroom workshop for grades 4-12.

The Eco 360 Challenge is made possible by the generous support of our funder:

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