Challenges - Frequently Asked Questions

Read some of the most frequently asked questions about GreenLearning's environmental challenges below:

When do this year’s challenges start?

The 2023-2024 Challenges open January 1st, 2024 at 12:01am PST. . For more information, refer to our Challenge Rules and Regulations here

When is the challenge deadline?

The Challenges for 2023-2024 close on May 3rd, 2024 at 11:59 pm PST. . For more information, refer to our Challenge Rules and Regulations here.

Do I need to register to participate in a challenge?

Yes! You must register and submit your project before May 3rd, 2024 at 11:59 pm PST to be eligible for a challenge prize. Register for one or more of GreenLearning’s environmental challenges here.

Does it cost to participate in a challenge?

No! There is no cost to participate in any of GreenLearning’s challenges. All of our learning tools and materials are also available for free.

Who is eligible to participate in a challenge? 

Any group that consists of a minimum of 1 learner (under the age of 18), under the guidance of an adult leader who will submit the entry, are invited to participate in a GreenLearning challenge. Prizes are available for Canadian residents only (excludes Quebec).

What are the challenge prizes?

The top three submissions for each challenge will receive a cash prize of $1,000 for first place, $500 for second place or $250 for third place.

What can the challenge prize money be used for?

While we love to see the challenge prizes used to continue sustainable projects in your school or community, the challenge prizes can be used based on the discretion of the group leader. For example, the prize money can be put towards scholarships, sustainable school upgrades, class celebrations, field trips or donated to a local charity.

What do I need to submit for the challenge?

For each challenge you need to submit:
1. A completed Challenge Package.
2. Supporting documents, photos and videos.
3. Media release forms (if your documents include photos or videos of students)
Review the submission checklist at the beginning of your challenge package for full details on what to submit.

What should be included in a submission?

Everything to include in your submission is outlined in the Challenge Package of each respective challenge. Aside from the requirements, submissions should represent both the results of your project(s) as well as the process and story behind the project. Our judge’s love to see what you and your learners have accomplished and they also enjoy learning about the how and why! Photos and videos of your project and the students involved (with accompanied media release forms) help tell the story of your Challenge experience and capture the positive impacts of your project.

How do I submit our entry for the challenge?

To enter one of the challenges you must submit your completed Challenge Package and all supporting materials through the submission form identified in the Challenge Package on or before May 3rd, 2024 at 11:59 pm PST. You can find the Challenge packages on each Challenge’s webpage, found here.

How many student projects can I include in my challenge entry?

Each submission can include up to 5 student projects for judging. Review the selection criteria to determine which student projects should be evaluated for the challenge. Additional student projects from the same group can be emailed to to be included and celebrated in the online submission showcase.

You can submit as many photos or videos of students in action as you wish as long as they are accompanied by a completed media release form

How is my challenge entry evaluated?

Your challenge entry will be evaluated based on the judging criteria outlined in the Challenge Package, which is available on each Challenge page

Can’t find your challenge package? Email for another digital copy! 

Who judges GreenLearning’s Challenges?

For each challenge, a selection of industry experts have been recruited to review, evaluate and provide feedback on the challenge entries. 

Can learners appear in photos and videos I submit?

Yes! Please include a completed media release for each learner who is visible in the photos and videos you submit to GreenLearning. 

Are youth required to complete a Media Release Form to participate?

Youth can certainly be involved and participate without a Media Release Form! We ask that photos and videos of youth without a Media Release Form are not included in your group's submission. If photos or videos are included, please clearly indicate the photos that include the youth as “Judging Only- do not share” or similar. This is to ensure the privacy of the student and their family is respected. Youth are welcome to include their name, even just their first, so they can feel represented in the project they worked on.

Can homeschool learners participate?

Yes! Homeschool groups that consist of at least one learner (under the age of 18 ) under the guidance of an adult leader, who will submit the entry, are encouraged to participate. Check out Marceau Homeschool, who won third place in our 2021 Re-Energy Challenge here!

Can community organizations participate?

Yes! Any group that consists of at least one (under the age of 18) under the guidance of an adult leader who will submit the entry, are encouraged to participate in a GreenLearning challenge. Prizes are available for Canadian residents only (excludes Quebec).

Can I submit for more than one challenge?

Yes! We encourage you to participate in all of GreenLearning’s challenges throughout the year. You can submit one entry for each challenge per year. Check out all of our challenges and register to participate here.  

I am French, can I participate in a challenge?

Yes! Learners of all languages are encouraged to participate in GreenLearning’s Challenges. All challenge entry forms and supporting documents must be in English to be considered for evaluation by the judges. GreenLearning does not provide challenge materials or learning resources in French unless otherwise specified.

Can I submit more than once for the same challenge?

No! You can submit one entry per year for each challenge, with one exception. 

Exception: If you teach multiple cohorts of learners throughout the same year (e.g. semesters), you can submit one entry per cohort of learners, per challenge each year. 

For example, you can submit one challenge entry for the Eco 360 Challenge in January with your first semester learners and submit another entry for the Eco 360 Challenge in May with your second semester learners. 

What are the rules and regulations?

All rules and regulations can be found by visiting this page.

If I have more questions, who can I connect with?

If you have any questions or would like more information on a specific challenge, please email us at