Argo Floats!

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Learning Outcomes

Grades 3 - 6

By the end of this activity, learners will be able to:
  • Explain the importance of ocean monitoring
  • Identify one way that the international community monitors the ocean
  • Interpret ocean data gathered by Argo floats

Curriculum Connections

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Length of Activity

3 - 4 hours

We recommend planning for each step to take at least one hour, but depending on the needs of your class and how you prefer to teach, that time can easily be adjusted either way.
Step 1+2: Intro to Ocean Monitoring and Argo (1-2 hours)
Step 3: Data Collection Practice (1 hour)
Step 4: Argo Float Design (1 hour)

Materials List

  • Internet-enabled device(s)
  • Activity worksheet (as a Google Doc or printed handout)

Online Lesson Format