Climate Justice in the Canadian Arctic

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This activity was created by consulting with Mihskakwan James Harper - a passionate Nehiyaw (Cree) man from Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, located in Treaty 8 territory (northern Alberta). With an MSc. in Renewable Energy, he is dedicated to bringing solutions that empower communities with clean technologies, ensuring that the children of the future get to experience the gifts of the land as much as he did.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will identify ways that climate change is affecting the livelihood of the Inuit in the Arctic.
  • Through inquiry, students will examine how climate change disproportionately affects Indigenous Peoples.
  • Students will identify ways of taking action to address how climate change disproportionately affects Indigenous Peoples.

Curriculum Connections

  • Grade 8 – 9 Geography
  • Grade 10 Science – Earth and Space Science in Ontario
  • Grade 11 Biology – Diversity of Living Things in Ontario
  • Grade 11 Environmental Science – Scientific Solutions to Contemporary Environmental Challenges in Ontario
  • Grade 12 Canada & World Studies in Ontario
  • Grade 10 – 12 Environmental Science in British Columbia
  • Grade 10 – 11 Social Studies in Alberta

Length of Activity

1 to 1.5 hours

Materials List

  • Printable Card Set for Spark Conversation - Climate Justice in the Canadian Arctic
  • Educator's Guide
  • Interned enabled devices

Online Lesson Format