Climate Policy Options

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this activity learners will:
  • Learn about the different climate policy options.
  • Learn that all climate change policy tools have co-benefits and tradeoffs, and that policy design often requires a weighing of co-benefits and tradeoffs.
  • Understand how climate policies have been implemented in different jurisdictions, and the successes and challenges in implementation.

Curriculum Connections

  • Grade 10 Social Studies (Alberta)
  • Grade 11 Social Studies (Alberta)
  • Grade 11 The Individual and the Economy (B2.3 Ontario)
  • Grade 12 Analyzing Current Economic Issues (A2.3, C1.6, C2.4)
  • Grade 12 World Issues: A Geographical Analysis (C1.4, Ontario)
  • Grade 12 Canadian and World Studies (Ontario)
  • Grade 10 Environmental Science (BC)
  • Grade 11 Environmental Science (BC)
  • Grade 12 Environmental Science (BC)

Length of Activity

1.5 to 2.5 hours (approximately 2 classes)

Materials List

Topic Backgrounder
Climate Policy Options Infographic
Internet Enabled Device

Online Lesson Format