Enough is Enough

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this activity, learners will:
  • Define the term “population”
  • Describe several important factors that influence or limit the size of natural populations
  • Cite examples of what happens when normal population limits are removed from populations
  • Describe the reasons for cycles in certain natural populations
  • Describe some methods for estimating populations
  • Describe the work of wildlife managers and some of the methods they use
  • Explain why the east coast fishery for northern cod collapsed

Curriculum Connections

Grade 7 Science: Interactions and Ecosystems
  • STS 3 Monitor a local environment, and assess the impacts of environmental factors on the growth, health and reproduction of organisms in that environment; investigate a variety of habitats, and describe and interpret distribution patterns of living things found in those habitats; investigate and interpret evidence of interaction and change
  • STS 4 Describe the relationships among knowledge, decisions and actions in maintaining life-supporting environments; identify intended and unintended consequences of human activities within local and global environments

Length of Activity

3 hours

Materials List

  • Enough is Enough Backgrounder
  • Enough is Enough Learner Worksheet
  • Enough is Enough Learner Worksheet Answer Key

Online Lesson Format