The Plastic Cycle Interactive

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Learning Outcomes

Grades 4 - 9

By the end of this activity, learners will be able to:
  • Explore the reason for having multiple waste management bins, and what can go in the garbage versus the recycling
  • Explain what the plastic cycle is and why it is important to be aware of
  • Explain what can be done to reduce the negative impacts of plastic in our environment

Curriculum Connections

  • Identify waste materials produced by humans, the effects on the environment and plan a course of action for minimizing waste (Grades: 1-D1, 5-C1, 7-B1, 9-B2)
  • Assess the impact of human activities on air, water, and habitats (Grades: 2-E1, 4-B1, 8-E2)
  • Demonstrate the importance of biodiversity and of interactions between biotic and abiotic components in the environment (Grades: 6-B2, 7- B2, 9-B2)
  • Assess environmental impacts of processes associated with the life cycle of consumer products, and suggest ways to minimize negative impacts (Grade 9-C1)

Length of Activity

2 hours

Step 1+2: Intro to plastic waste (30 min)
Step 3: Interactive Plastic Cycle Infographic (30 min)
Step 4: Sequencing the story of the plastic cycle (30 min)
Step 5:
Create a comic strip (30 min)

Materials List

Online Lesson Format