2023 Energy Revealed Challenge Showcase

Raising awareness about energy use and efficiency.
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Thank you to everyone who participated and we look forward to seeing the incredible projects students put together next year! 

of energy conserved from student projects

of greenhouse gas emissions conserved from student projects

of energy conserved if student plans are implemented (per year)

of greenhouse gas emissions conserved if student plans are implemented (per year)
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Challenge Winners

First Place: Mrs. Wong - WCI Eco Club

 Waterloo Collegiate Institute, Grades 7-12
Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo Collegiate Institute's Eco Club returns this year with a bigger than ever inter-school Eco Comp!  Nearly doubling the participation in their "Turn it Off Thursday" event from last year's Eco Comp - which challenges students and teachers to turn off all energy consuming technology for one hour. There were nearly 500 students who participated in the at-school Earth Hours, with approximately 400 of those students reporting to have done Earth Hours in their home as well! This jump in participation comes from the Eco Club's efforts by increasing promotion using social media before and during the event, and getting more schools involved. The energy savings from these widespread Earth Hours equates to the greenhouse gas absorption of approximately 120 trees over one year!
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Second Place: Mr. & Mrs. Shortt - Ravens

 Muskoka Highlands Academy, Grades 5-8
Huntsville, Ontario

Muskoka Highlands Academy made two major efforts for their energy saving Earth Hour. The first, was to host a school-wide Earth Hour event in which Mr. and Mrs. Shortt's students were tasked with teaching and entertaining their whole school! Students were able to participate in recycling games to learn about recycling and compost, art making with items found in the forest, and a solar cookie oven! Parents were invited to join and turn their cars off to further reduce energy use. 
Muskoka Highlands Academy students also wrote a letter to the nearby golf course providing advice and learning on how to be more energy efficient. The group highly recommended changing the approximately 850 lightbulbs on location to LED's to increase their energy efficiency and lifespan, allowing the golf course to both save money and be more environmentally friendly. 
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Third Place: Mr. Tymofichuk - Team Net Zero

 New Myrnam School, Grades 7-9
Myrnam, Alberta

Students of Team Net Zero at New Myrnam performed a forensic audit of the nearby Village of Myrnam's CTEC facility. In their audit, they discovered that there was opportunity for enormous energy savings! The student's determined that with simple modifications to the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) control system of the facility, specifically installing timers, they could cut ~1/3 of energy being used by the HVAC system!

The group presented their findings to the Village of Myrnam's Council and facilitated some great discussions! The presentation can be viewed below. 

To learn more about the amazing energy projects that have been occuring at New Myrnam School, visit their Project Videos Page at www.NewMyrnamSchool.ca/project-s-videos

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Energy Revealed In Action

Celebrating the many different ways learners and educators from across Canada were engaged in energy efficiency and energy conservation through GreenLearning's Energy Revealed Program

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Learners Participated in a Classroom Workshop or Event

Educators Participated in  Professional Development

Student and Teacher Sessions Delivered

Turning Students Into Energy Managers: A Guided Learning Experience

This free learning series is based on GreenLearning’s award winning program Energy Revealed. Including a 45 minute pre-recorded professional development webinar, a live, virtual classroom workshop to kick off learning and an energy kit complete with five watt meters and an energy activities binder - this free series is designed to give educators the knowledge, resources and materials needed to engage their students in using real-time energy data to make a positive environmental impact. We were able to bring this program to GEDSB, OCDSB, & DPCDSB schoolboards this year - reaching over 600 students!

This opportunity was available for grade 4-12 educators and eco-clubs in select Ontario and Alberta communities. 

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