2024 Flood:ED Challenge Showcase

Expected litres of water absorbed

People indirectly reached through student sharing 

The Flood:ED Challenge

This challenge tasks learners with planning for or taking action to build flood resilience at home, at school or in their community. Through the activities and lessons in the Flood:ED Program, learners will explore extreme weather events and take steps to adapt to and mitigate these direct impacts of climate change.

First Place Winner - $1,000

 New Central Public School, Grade 5
Oakville, Ontario

Ms. Montys students at New Central Public School created a club called the the Flood Fighters! Check out their presentation to see how the Flood Fighters club are taking action against flooding at New Central Public School!

Second Place Winner - $500 

 Chris Hadfield Public School, Grade 7
Milton, Ontario

The Eco-Hawks student club at Chris Hadfield Public School created their own initiative to help prevent flooding at their school by coming together to plant 4 new trees in their sensory garden! 
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Flood:ED In Action

Celebrating the many different ways learners and educators from across Canada were engaged in building flood resilience through the Flood:ED Program. 

Learners Participated in a Workshop or Event

Educators Participated in a Professional Development Session

Student and Teacher Sessions Delivered

Excess Water Workshop

GreenLearning facilitated curriculum-connected classroom workshops that engaged and inspired students from across the world to think creatively about flooding and extreme weather with our Excess Water workshop. We also partnered with Learning for a Sustainable Future and participated in numerous Water Doc Youth Forums to deliver workshops, as shown in the image to the left.

"I look forward to trying to implement some of the ideas in my outdoor ed class"

The Flood:ED Challenge is made possible by the generous support of our funder:

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