2024 Re-Energy Challenge Showcase

Model Renewable Energy Technologies Built

Approximate percentage of sustainable materials used in prototype construction
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Challenge Winners

First Place: Ms. Boulton's - Science 30 Class

 St. Francis Xavier High School, Grade 12
Edmonton, Alberta

St. Francis Xavier's Science 30 Classes teamed together to create 11 models of renewable energy! The functioning models included wind turbines, penny batteries, solar power models, fly wheels, and electric cars - watch the video below.
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First Place: Mme. Steibelt's - Grade 5 Class

  Brittania Public School, Grade 5
Mississauga, Ontario

Mme. Steibelt's Grade 5 students took this challenge as an opportunity to create 14 prototypes of renewable energy! This included 1 solar oven, 1 trash collecting boat, 1 pet food distributor, 1 renewable parachute, 1 windmill, and 9 electric vehicles. 

Finding hands-on Science activities that last more than a few minutes to do and make is a challenge as a teacher. As a teacher in a public school, we also struggle to have enough resources in our school to provide high quality hands-on Science experiments. Students were so excited by their project that parents eagerly bought DC motor kits for their children and extra for the class. I’ve never seen such engagement before!
- Mme. Steibelt
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Second Place: Ms Chung's - Grade 9 Class

  Unionville High School, Grade 9
Markham, Ontario

Ms. Chung's students created 5 amazing models of different renewable energy technologies! The students created these projects through a combination of self-guided inquiry and classroom support! 
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Second Place: Mme. Steibelt's - Grade 4 Class

 Britannia Public School, Grade 4
Mississauga, Ontario

Britannia Public School's grade 4 class teamed together to create 1 solar phone charger, 1 wind turbine, and 7 electric vehicles of renewable energy- thats 9 working prototypes of renewable energy! They also created a song all about renewable energy- watch below! 

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Third Place: Mrs. Mathur's - Grade 4 Class

 Somerset Academy, Grade 4
Markham, Ontario

Students in Mrs. Mathur’s class created four prototypes. They created a solar oven, solar car, electric vehicles (EVs) and a wind turbine.

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Re-Energy In Action

Celebrating the many different ways learners and educators from across Canada were engaged in creating renewable energy models through GreenLearning's Re-Energy Program.

Learners Participated in a Classroom Workshop or Event

Educators Participated in Professional Development

Student and Teacher Sessions Delivered

GreenLearning facilitated curriculum-connected classroom workshops that engaged and inspired students from across Canada to think creatively about conserving energy and taking climate action. Click the video to the left  to watch (or bookmark) a Re-Energy video we did in partnership with Indigenous Clean Energy and Six Nations of the Grand River focusing on the solar energy transition.  

The Re-Energy challenge is made possible by the generous support of our funder:

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