Exploring How to Make a Battery

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Learning Outcomes

By the end of this activity, learners will:
  • Utilize GreenLearning’s Spiral Inquiry Model to answer the question: How can we make our own battery to better understand the benefits of energy storage in our community?
  • Collaborate amongst peers to develop their own focus question(s) and inquiry plan

Curriculum Connections

Science 7: Interactions and Ecosystems
Science 8: Mix and Flow of Matter
Science 9: Matter and Chemical Change
Science 9: Electrical Principles and Technologies
Science 10: Energy and Matter in Chemical Change; Energy Flow in Technological Systems; Energy Flow in Global Systems; Stewardship
Science 11: Science Technology and Society
Science 12: Chemistry and the Environment; Energy and the Environment
Social Studies 10-1: To what extend should we embrace globalization?
  • 10-2: Living in a Globalizing World

Length of Activity

5 - 7 hours

Materials List

  • Internet-enabled device
  • Chemical Energy Storage Backgrounder
  • Exploring How to Make a Battery Inquiry Worksheet
  • Desired battery materials based on research

Online Lesson Format