Renewable Energy Sources

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Re-Energy Learner Backgrounders

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this activity, learners will:
  • Identify non-renewable and renewable energy sources
  • Research a renewable energy source
  • Present their research to class

Curriculum Connections

- Science 7: Heat and Temperature
- Science 9: Electrical Principles and Technologies
- Science 30: Energy and the Environment


- Science & Technology 7: Heat in the Environment
- Science 9: The Characteristics of Electricity (Academic) Electrical Applications (Applied)
- Environmental Science 11: Scientific Solutions to Contemporary Environmental Changes (University/College Preparation) Conservation of
  • Energy (University/College Preparation)
  • Energy Conservation (Workplace Preparation) Chemistry 12: Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction

Length of Activity

5 - 5.5 hours

Materials List

1. Internet enabled device
2. Re-Energy Learner Backgrounders:
    a. Renewable Energy Basics
    b. Solar Heat and Electricity
    c. Wind Energy
    d. Hydro Energy
    e. Biomass Energy
    f. Geothermal Energy
    g. Hydrogen Fuel Cells
    h. Heat Pumps
3. Learner Worksheet

Online Lesson Format