Electrical Energy Calculators

Supporting the explorations and learning activities of the Energy Revealed Program.

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The economic and environmental impact of our electricity use depends on a variety of interconnected factors, such as how your electricity is generated, your electricity supplier, time of year and whether you live in a rural or urban location. Click on your province or territory to get started.

Activities Using The Electrical Energy Calculators

The Electrical Energy Calculators were developed to support GreenLearning's Energy Revealed Program. For grades 4-8 (Junior) and grades 9-12 (Senior), the Energy Revealed Program features over 30 lessons and activities for learners to explore power, energy and sustainability.

Speak For The Trees: Pre-Recorded Classroom Workshop

In this guided lesson, learners will discover how their personal energy choices impact the environment by relating energy use to the role of trees as the lungs of the Earth. This special Get Outside Edition of Speak for the Trees was designed for learners grade 4-8 and featured in Take Me Outside Day 2021. Download the lesson guide here.