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eCards is an environmental education and advocacy tool for grades 7-12 that aims to empower youth to act for the climate by learning about environmental issues, creating informed messages, and acting on them. By sending an eCard to a decision maker, eCards allows learners to express what they have learned through their research and what matters most to them through art and writing in order to generate awareness and to take meaningful, collective action.

Alberta and Ontario Assessment Rubrics can be downloaded here:
  • Empower high school students to become informed and active citizens by developing their research, literacy, art and critical thinking skills.
  • Equip educators in integrating climate change education across multiple subjects
  • Engage youth in demonstrating and applying their learning through creating their own art and messaging to a decision maker.


Benefits of eCards


  • Get a chance to think critically about important environmental issues.
  • Create artwork and a research message that you think is important with your own words and graphics.
  • Send your eCard to a decision-maker to advocate for change!
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  • eCards makes it easy for educators to meet curriculum, while engaging learners on a relevant environmental topic.
  • Secure and moderated - learners use a login and password to work securely. Educators and Administrators moderate learner eCards and provide feedback each step of the process. No eCard can be sent to decision makers without educator approval.
  • Note: If you have signed up for a GreenLearning account in the past, please email and we will update your account to an educator account.

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