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Step 4 - Sending to the Decision Maker

If your eCard artwork and message is ready you can now submit your eCard with the form below!

Some Important Things To Know Before You Submit Your eCard

  1. Some of our friendly GreenLearning team members will be supporting this process. We will be sending your eCard to the decision maker(s) on your behalf, but don't worry we will copy your teacher on the email that is sent and Bcc you.
  2. The eCard Title field will be the Subject line of the final eCard email! So make sure it's clear and explains the purpose of your eCard
  3. The message textbox field is the research message that will accompany your artwork in your final email.
  4. The 'Enter the Email(s)' section is where you will enter the decision maker(s) email addresses you are sending your eCard to. 
  5. The consent checkbox is whether you allow your eCard artwork, message, name & school name to be posted on our eCard website. 
    Note: You can use your initials if you would rather not use your full name. Students  who
    agree to publish their eCard on GreenLearning’s website will be covered under Creative Commons / Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 licensing as per GreenLearning’s Privacy Policy
The eCard Final Approval Process - What To Expect
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Shortly after you submit your eCard you and your teacher will get an email. Your teacher will approve your eCard submission if it's good to go! 

If there are edits or issues with your eCard your teacher will add comments to an email that will be sent to you. You will also get an edit link in that email where you can submit edits. There is a comment area in the form where you can describe & date any edits you made to keep track of the changes.
After your educator approves your eCard submission, we will publish your eCard onto the eCard website (if you gave consent for this). You and your educator will get an email notification when it has been published!  
Our GreenLearning Team will then prepare your final eCard email to be sent to your chosen decision maker recipient(s).  We will CC your educator and BCC you on the final email.
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If you experience any issues submitting this form please contact [email protected] for support.