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Educator Resource Area

Considering using eCards? This area provides a high level overview of the eCards process from an educator perspective. We share the general steps for eCards, and link resources you may find helpful along the way.

For more details, please refer to the eCards Educator's Guide. If you have any questions, please use the live chat function at the bottom right of your screen or email us at  

Guiding Learners Through eCards

Learners typically create eCards in four steps. Depending on your approach, you can expect it to take approximately 5 to 8 hours of class time for learners to create one eCard. 

What happens after an eCard is sent?

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If we receive a reply from the decision-maker, GreenLearning will send you a notification promptly so you can share the message with your learner. If you happen to receive a response and GreenLearning wasn’t copied, we want to know! Please email us at

A published eCard can be shared again, in many ways! Check out the options below.

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Are your learners looking for more ways to take action?

Explore the Educator's Guide for more information and extension ideas! We recommend trying out Commit2Act with your classroom to track the CO₂ impact and savings of your daily actions. Even small acts can have a massive impact when we work together!