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Educator Resource Area

This area is to guide educators through the ecards process. For more details please see the Educator Guide PDF.  If you have any questions at any time please use the live chat function or email  

Taking learners through eCards

Learners create eCards in four steps. Depending on your approach, you can expect it to take 5 to 6 hours of class time for learners to create one eCard. 

What happens after an eCard is sent?

If you did get a response and GreenLearning wasn’t copied, we want to know!

Please email us at and tell us. Likewise we will do the same.

If we don’t hear from the decision maker we will contact them after 7 days.

If you published your eCard we encourage you to share it you’ll see your link on our site has many different ways to share:

Review the Educator's Guide for more information and extension ideas.

Help us improve our eCard activity.

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What worked and what didn't?

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