Take the Energy Revealed Challenge

Take the Energy Revealed Challenge by learning all about saving energy at school and taking action to conserve energy by organizing a school Earth Hour event.

Step 1:  Review the Educator Resource to learn about the Earth Hour event and the importance of energy conservation in your school!

Step 2: Choose the Day for your school’s Earth Hour

  • Choose the day and time you want to do the school Earth Hour. Make sure to include your students, the school Principal and school’s facility operator.
  • If your school has energy metering technology installed, work with your school’s facility operator to make a plan for using it on the day of the challenge.

Step 3: Learn about Energy Metering and Energy Conservation
  • Using the Educator Resource, work with your Facilities Operator to understand energy metering technology and baselining energy usage data.
  • Brainstorm all the electronics used in their school that can be turned off during the school Earth Hour.

Step 4: Promote the school Earth Hour event!
  • Work with your school to do promotional events, such as announcements, posters, social media engagement etc. leading up to the event to bring awareness. Get as many students to participate in the school Earth Hour event as possible!

Step 5: Complete the school Earth Hour!

  • Participate in the school Earth Hour and have lots of fun! Make sure to unplug any unnecessary electrical devices beforehand.

Step 6: Celebrate the Impact
  • Work with your Facilities Operator to calculate the savings from your school’s Earth Hour and report back to us your energy savings.
  • If you have watt meters in your school, you can explore plug loads by using Energy Revealed learning activities such as ‘Electronic Overload’ or ‘Start Me Up’.

Step 7: Make an Energy Savings Plan for Your School and Take Action!
  • Keep the momentum going by implementing other energy saving action projects to extend the learning from the Energy Revealed Challenge!
  • Let us know what actions you took and the resulting energy savings from them!
  • Ask students to share their photos, presentations, videos, etc. while completing the Challenge by tagging us @GreenLearning and #energyrevealed.
  • Lastly, and most importantly, submit your results to us using the Challenge Submission form you received when registered for the challenge.

That’s it! That is how to complete the challenge! Make sure to register for the challenge to receive your submission form to be eligible for the prize! If you have any questions please contact programs@greenlearning.ca

This challenge is perfect for distance learning classes and is open to all educators and groups including but not limited to homeschoolers, Scouts, and Guides.

1st prize $1000, 2nd prize $500, and 3rd prize $250
Registration for the 2021-2022 challenge is now open.

*Participation in this challenge is only open for Canadian residents. Submissions from registered groups must be received by May 20, 2022 at 11:59pm PST?