Take Action!



1. Securing Approvals and Taking Precautions
  • Before you begin any of the action activities, make sure to secure necessary approvals from all concerned parties. If you are implementing the action activity on your school, you might need approval from your local school board. It is best to involve your facilities or maintenance department at the very beginning and get their buy-in and get the approval for the budget required for completing the project.
  • When you are doing a project that requires digging, make sure to call the local utility or municipality before you dig.
  • Do not operate any tools or equipment without the supervision of an expert or adult. Follow all necessary safety instructions.

2. Complete all the action activities under the supervision of an adult.

3. GreenLearning will not be liable for any property damage or personal injury caused while completing any of the action activities.”

Whether you choose to do any, or all of the 6 Flood:ED Challenge Action Activities, ultimately Greenlearning wants to see schools across Canada preventing flooding. Projects that have impacts that result in safer more climate resilient communities. We encourage you to do one, or more of the 9 suggested Flood:ED Challenge Action Activities to make an immediate impact. Join with schools across Canada and tell us about your efforts.

FLOOD:ED Challenge Action Activities

Install a Rain Barrel: Students will find the best location to place a Rain Barrel. Tens of thousands of litres of rainwater will be collected and used for watering food gardens and trees. Students will store water when it is raining and put it back into the watershed where it can be used by nature in times of drought.
Plant a Tree: Calculating Ecological Services. Students will inventory trees and calculate the value of the ecological services they provide. They will create a project to protect existing trees and promote their function to their peers and parents, and plant new trees.
Build a Rain Garden: Students will site, design, fundraise and actually build a rain garden for their schools. They will plant native species, attract birds and butterflies and ensure storm water is safely directed back to the watershed.
Adopt-Your-Drain Campaign: Classes will stencil icons on a drain or sewer to remind people not to pollute. They could also clean those sewers/drains when needed. (e.g. Yellow Fish Road)
Flood Protect Your Home: Students will complete a guided home inspection to ensure their homes are protected from flooding. They will develop literacy around flood insurance and protecting property.
Home Flood Protector Scavenger Hunt: Students will use an online tool to learn about flood prevention in the home and will use a photograph Scavenger Hunt to prepare a presentation to parents or others.